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Qualtrics is a sophisticated, easy to use web-based service for creating, publishing, and analyzing survey data. Qualtrics offers advanced options and is highly customizable.


Qualtrics can be used for many purposes including market research, administering tests, customer satisfaction and loyalty, product and concept testing, employee evaluations, and website feedback. Features include:

  • 100+ surveys and question types in the Qualtrics Library
  • Powerful survey mailer to track, remind and thank respondents
  • Advanced capabilities including branching, looping, piping, polling, trigger-based responses, and audio/video insertion
  • Integrated graphics and statistical tools
  • Export data into multiple formats like Excel, SPSS, PDF, PowerPoint or Word
  • Collaborate and share surveys among users


A valid UIC NetID and common password is required to create and manage surveys. First-time users will be asked whether they want to create a new account or import data from an existing Qualtrics account.


  • For help using the online software, ACCC will collect information from you regarding the issue and forward the details to the Qualtrics Technical Support Department.
  • For help with operational problems, ACCC can direct users to the most relevant eLearning and videos on Qualtrics' website.
  • For help with analytical questions, users will be directed to the help section of Qualtrics’ website.
  • ACCC will provide assistance for users who need to increase their maximum number of allowed surveys.
  • While Qualtrics meets the “physical safeguard” component of HIPAA, compliance with federal laws and university policy is decided on a case-by-case basis by the UIC Institutional Review Board.


There is no charge for this service.


Qualtrics Academic Support Portal
Phone 312-413-0003

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