Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students


UICalendar is a calendar and scheduling tool that allows users to manage and coordinate appointments, events, and tasks on the web or any CalDav compliant client. 


  • Scheduling departmental meetings
  • Define groups of people to use for recurring meetings
  • Check for conflicts and suggest alternate times if necessary
  • Easy searching 
  • Scheduling rooms and resources
  • Designated resource administrators
  • Publishing events and departmental calendars
  • Publishing departmental address books
  • Keeping track of contacts

Department calendars, event calendars, room or resource calendars can be created using the UICalendar web utilities.


The use of UICalendar requires a UICalendar account. Faculty and staff can create their UICalendar accounts online. Students must request an account by sending email to accounts@uic.edu. Access requires a UIC NetID and password for authentication.


There is no charge for this service.


Email consult@uic.edu
Phone 312-413-0003


Further Information 

UICalendar desktop and web clients have extensive built-in help functionality that probably provide more current information than these documents.