The ShareStream Online Video Platform seamlessly integrates with the Blackboard learning management system, thereby ensuring that rich media is readily available in a secure, controlled environment wherever online teaching and learning, research and communications take place.

LMS integration with Pick-n-Play™, the faculty and student-facing application of the ShareStream Video Platform: Pick-n-Play provides nontechnical end-users with an easy-to-use video application for uploading, tagging, browsing, playing and searching for media. Pick-n-Play, which is available directly from learning management systems, includes ShareStream's Media Dropbox for User-Generated Content and the "My Workspace" Media Page, a personal media gallery and video repository for faculty and, if assigned the required privileges, for students and administrators.

LMS integration with MediaManager and MediaMigrator, the core administrative components of the ShareStream Media Platform: MediaManager, ShareStream's video management software for administrative users, and MediaMigrator, an application that automates batch video uploads for media specialists and provides automated server-side transcoding, are both seamlessly accessible from learning management systems.

ShareStream's Video Publishing and Mashup Tools for Learning Management Systems: ShareStream's Video Publishing and Mashup Tool, which leverages ShareStream's open web service API, provides faculty with an easy-to-use tool for searching for, browsing and adding ShareStream media to LMS course pages directly from the LMS's native interface.

Access ShareStream: ShareStream features can be accessed by logging into Blackboard and from one of your course sites click on  "Tools".  From here you will find ShareStream Pick-n-Play

ShareStream Step by Step: For step by step instructions on using ShareStream at UIC please review these ShareStream Quick Guides.

Last updated: 

March 30, 2015