Web Services

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT


For web and media publishing needs, choose from personal or group and departmental web publishing options on people.uic.edu, webhost.uic.edu or red.uic.edu.


Personal web publishing

Personal student, faculty and staff websites can be hosted on a variety of platforms:

Group and departmental web publishing

Web hosting options for departments, organizations and groups include:

​Additional platforms

Blackboard is a web-based integrated teaching and learning environment. Primary uses of Blackboard as a web-publishing platform include per-semester class sites and continuous, non-class related sites.

Web alerts

UIC Web Alerts are popups that can be integrated into UIC websites and will be activated automatically during a campus emergency. Alerts will include a brief summary of the emergency and a link to the UIC homepage.


A UIC NetID and common password is required to publish  on the web using any of these web and media publishing resources. Note that it is Illinois state law that all university Web sites must be accessible.


Commercial use of University of Illinois web resources is not permitted.


Phone 312-413-0003
Email webservices@uic.edu


Further Information 

ACCC Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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Within 2 business days

Incident Resolution Time

Within 2 business days

Service Availability 24x7 (Critical Patching can occur between 6:00pm and 8:00am)
Maintenance Window(s)

Standard ACCC maintenance windows. See accc.uic.edu/service-status

Service Notification Channel(s)

ACCC News and Alerts​, REACH, Soapbox, Webmasters Listserv

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