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Request an Active Directory Service or Admin Account

*DISCLAIMER* This form is not currently in production.

Systems administrator liasons, please use this form to request a service account or admin account.  The admin account can be used for administrator type security elevated purposes within your OU in UIC's Active Directory environment.  Account creation will be automated and will be reviewed by the ACCC's EAD team for any naming abuse or incorrect naming conventions.  Accounts that are incorrectly named or abusive will be renamed or deleted.

Service Account naming convention:


Example: CC-AcccountRequestor

Administrator Account naming convention:


Example: su-HarryPotter

After your accounts are created you can add that account to the appropriate group in Active Directory and assign resource permissions to that group.  Please use the following naming conventions for groups within your OU to prevent any naming conflicts within the directory:

Domain Local: DL-Dept-Function

Global Group: GG-Dept-Function

Universal Group: UG-Dept-Function


A user account cannot consist solely of periods, or spaces, or end in a period. Any leading periods or spaces are cropped. User accounts should less than 64 characters

A group account cannot consist solely of numbers, periods (.), or spaces. Any leading periods or spaces are cropped. Group accounts should be less than 64 characters.

Questions?  Contact us at activedirectory@uic.edu