eduroam means education roaming. It is a wireless network sharing program that was developed by and for educational institutions in Europe to allow the members of their communities to securely connect to the wireless Internet networks at other eduroam institutions, without having to have a wireless access account for that other institution. eduroam has flourished in Europe and is available at increasing numbers of institutions in the US, Canada, and Asia-Pacific. has an interactive map of eduroam institutions on their home page. Here at home, both the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and at Springfield are in eduroam.

Because UIC is participates in eduroam, members of the UIC community can use their UIC credentials to securely connect to the eduroam wireless networks at other eduroam institutions. People from other eduroam institutions visiting UIC can use their home credentials to connect to the eduroam wireless network here at UIC. Before you use eduroam at another institution, you should connect to eduroam at your home institution. That is all the configuration that you should need to connect to eduroam networks at UIC, around the USA, or the world. Happy visiting!

Visiting UIC from another eduroam institution

You will use your username (NetID) and password (ACCC common password) from your home institution (UIC) to connect to eduroam regardless of where you are. The best way to ensure that you can connect to eduroam at a different institution is to connect to it at your home institution (UIC) first. That will set up your server authentication and you will not need to further configure when you use it elsewhere. If you need help with eduroam, contact the ACCC.

Settings for the eduroam network at UIC

Setting Value
SSID (name of wireless network; it is case-sensitive) eduroam
Wireless authentication type WPA2 Enterprise
Data encryption AES
EAP Authentication Type or Outer Authentication Protocol EAP-PEAP or just PEAP
Authentication Method, Authentication Protocol, or Inner Authentication Protocol MS-CHAPv2
Validate server certificate should be checked
Trusted Root Certificate Authorities AddTrust External CA Root should be checked
Username or Inner Identity your eduroam identifier, is in the form of an email address. Members of the UIC community will use
Password your eduroam network access token. Members of the UIC community will use their common password.
PEAP Settings - Enable Identity Privacy This should be unchecked - checking it and setting the value to Anonymous might work

eduroam configuration for members of the UIC community

Use your UIC credentials to connect to eduroam at UIC before you go to another eduroam institution. Please do not use the eduroam network regularly while you are here at UIC; it is intended for visitors and there is a limit to the number of people who can connect to it at the same time. It is okay to connect to it for testing, but frequent use by members of the UIC community may have their accounts suspended.

How To for eduroam configuration from the Jacobs University in Germany but note that there are some details that are different for people at UIC:

  • Server:
  • Outer and Inner identity: anonymous
  • Trusted Root Certificate Authorities: AddTrust External CA Root (You will have to accept our certificate the first time you login.)

Your username is your and the password is your ACCC common password.

Last updated: 

September 20, 2016