Current Support Operations

Please be aware that, due to the current SEIU Local 73 strike, support response times will be slower than normal. Thank you for your understanding.


Jabber is an open source instant messaging system available to all UIC students, faculty and staff.

Anyone with a UIC NetID and common password can use Jabber. Their Jabber username will be their and their password will be their Common password. When you send and IM to someone for the first time (at their, your recipient will have the option to add you to their contact list. Unless your intended recipient adds you as a contact, you will not be able to send them messages. In a similar manner, you may accept or refuse invitations from others to be added to your contact list.

Service Level Agreement

Service Request Fulfillment Time N/A - Accounts are automatically created for everyone
Incident Resolution Time Within 1 day
Service Availability 24x7
Maintenance Window(s) None
Service Notification Channel(s) ACCC Service Notices, REACH distribution email list
Reviewed to Ensure SLA Meets Business Requirements Provisional SLA
Date Reviewed Provisional SLA
Service Owner: Ed Zawacki (Interim)