Mobile Devices

Technology Solutions handles the management and administration of pagers and mobile phones (and their data plans) centrally, contracted through the state of Illinois.

AVAILABLE TO: Faculty | Staff

FUNDED BY: Self-supported


  • ACCC portal for authentication
  • Digital pagers provide an audio or vibrating “alert” signal and display a “call back” telephone number
  • Alphanumeric pagers allow you to receive alphanumeric messages (words and numbers) with audio or vibrating alert signal

ACCC maintains a current listing of mobile phone offerings from our providers, while also allowing requests for those devices to be routed through an online portal. Our portal then handles authentication and approval before sending the requests on to the provider for order fulfillment. Devices are sent back to ACCC, and the accounts are registered in ACCC’s telecommunications management billing system. The user is then contacted to pick up the device.



C-Stop, BSB

1007 West Harrison Street, Behavioral Sciences Building(BSB), Learning Center, First Floor, Chicago, IL

Service Level Agreement

Service Request Fulfillment Time Requests for service will be responded to within 3 business days. 7 business days fulfillment time (fulfillment time might vary depending on the nature of request and availability of resources.) Requests are completed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Incident Resolution Time 5 business days
Service Availability 8:00am - 4:00pm, Mon-Fri
Maintenance Window(s) N/A
Service Notification Channel(s) REACH distribution email list
Reviewed to Ensure SLA Meets Business Requirements Provisional SLA - Currently under IT Governance review
Date Reviewed Provisional SLA - Currently under IT Governance review
Service Owner: Jelene Crehan (Interim)