U-Print was the standard campus-wide printing system from 1999 to 2019. With the expansion of Wepa, U-Print is now located in only a few locations on campus, and provides a centrally-managed solution for printing.

AVAILABLE TO: Students | Faculty | Staff

FUNDED BY: Self-supported (Departments) | University (Student Printing Quota)

  • Documents can be sent to the U-Print system using your personal computer, or a lab computer near the print station
  • U-Print is a print-on-demand system — the job is printed only when you release it from a U-Print station
  • Privacy is not compromised; you are there to pick the job up when it prints, so job output doesn’t collect at the printer
  • Valuable resources (paper and toner) as well as wear-and-tear on the printer are significantly reduced
  • U-Print is integrated with UIC’s Dragon Dollar$ program
    • Additional funds for printing can be made available online or via a service center


U-Print remains in use in a few specific locations, based on unique needs. Review where you can print with U-Print.

C-Stop, BSB

1107 West Harrison St., Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB), Learning Center, First Floor, Chicago, IL

Service Level Agreement

Service Request Fulfillment Time Departmental request for assistance - 3 business days. Submitting a print job is immediate fulfillment
Incident Resolution Time Local printer incident, within two business days (unless escalation to vendor is required) with continued ability to utilize an alternative printing location. Printing system incident, within one business day (unless escalation to vendor is required)
Service Availability Printing availability is based on location, some locations are available 24x7
Maintenance Window(s) Academic calendar break periods and Approved Technology Solutions maintenance window(s)
Service Notification Channel(s) Technology Solutions Service Notices
Reviewed to Ensure SLA Meets Business Requirements Provisional SLA - Currently under IT Governance review
Date Reviewed Provisional SLA - Currently under IT Governance review
Service Owner: Anthony Marino