Current Support Operations

Please be aware that, due to the current SEIU Local 73 strike, support response times will be slower than normal. Thank you for your understanding.

2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication, commonly referred to as 2FA, is a method of confirming your claimed identity by utilizing something you know (password) AND a second factor - something you have, like a generated authentication code or registered device.

AVAILABLE TO: Faculty | Students | Staff

FUNDED BY: Basic Bundle

  • You are the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password
  • Install the DUO app on a personal smartphone
  • Use a non-University phone to receive texts or calls
  • Use a University hardware token to generate a code

Service Level Agreement

Service Request Fulfillment Time In Development
Incident Resolution Time In Development
Service Availability In Development
Maintenance Window(s) In Development
Service Notification Channel(s) In Development
Reviewed to Ensure SLA Meets Business Requirements In Development
Date Reviewed In Development
Service Owner: Ed Zawacki