Active Directory (AD)

The UIC Active Directory (AD) is an implementation of Microsoft™ Active Directory. It provides integrated authentication and authorization to systems and services across the Chicago, Peoria, and Rockford UIC campuses.

COST : As part of the basic services bundle, there is no further charge for this service.
AVAILABLE TO : The following departments are leveraging the benefits of the UIC AD forest on a daily basis:

• ACCC Public Computing Labs
• ACCC Enterprise Architecture and Development Group
• Office of the Chancellor
• College of Medicine
• College of Pharmacy
• Applied Health Sciences
• UIC Multimedia Classrooms (ACCC-maintained)

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Benefits & Features

Built-in Account Management The UIC Active directory features a full set of user accounts for all UIC students, staff, and faculty. The ACCC will monitor and maintain all user accounts in a central branch of the AD tree, thus relieving individual departments of this responsibility.
Synchronized Passwords When using ACCC-maintained AD accounts, its users will have the same password for Active Directory, email, other ACCC services, and many secure UIC websites. The ACCC provides a web page for account management in AD and other ACCC-offered services.
Reduced Cost The ACCC has invested in the hardware and software to provide the UIC campus with a reliable AD infrastructure. This allows departments to leverage AD without the expense of servers and time in maintaining network infrastructure. The ACCC maintains servers hosting our Root and AD.UIC.EDU domains in the UIC AD forest. The ACCC also provides the back end FSMO and DNS servers needed to provide services in the Active Directory at UIC.
Autonomy and Control Even though the UIC AD is centrally managed, departments may elect to have their own branch in the Active Directory tree. This will give the department the flexibility to publish computing resources and file shares on department-owned servers. The departmental branches are secured from the rest of the AD forest and departments will have full control of their branch. Departments can add containers, servers, objects, and organizational units under their top level Organizational Unit (OU) as needed. This gives the flexibility to organize unit data and resources according to your departmental structure.
Support By using the central services offered by the ACCC, departmental administrators can focus on improving rather than maintaining IT resources. REACH and IT support personnel are freed from the day-to-day maintenance of users and accounts. This can allow IT support staff to spend more time developing and expanding computing resources at the departmental level. The ACCC's goal is to lower the cost of using Active Directory on the UIC campus. This will allow departments to address specific computing needs by spending money on active computing resources instead of infrastructure.


A UIC department or college will sponsor each OU. OU administrators will be asked to provide documentation of their current network / OS environment before their OU is created. OU administration support from ACCC is billed at an hourly rate of $55 / hour.


Phone 312-413-0003

Service Owner: Dean Dang