Echo360 Engagement

UIC provides all faculty and instructors with an easy-to-use lecture capture tool called Echo360. Users can use Echo360 to record their lectures in real-time for later viewing or to create videos outside of the classroom for students to review before and after class.

In addition to lecture capture in the classroom and universal capture for recording on a personal computer, the Echo360 Platform now includes a set of features to support class participation and student engagement. Using Echo360 polling tools, students can participate in class by asking and answering questions, even in large lecture halls. Instructors can then access the analytics for these interactions to form an opinion on the amount of engagement from individual students or the whole class.

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There are five types of interactive activities to choose from: Multiple choice, Short answer, Image quiz, Ordered list, and Numerical. These polls can be used in class or can be used with online media for asynchronous activities. During a live presentation instructors can:

  • See the number of students who submitted answers
  • Close the question to further participation
  • Show submitted answers to students during the lecture
  • Show the correct answer to the question
  • Reset the activity to allow students to try again
  • Upload an image and create a correct answer based on a region of that image using the image quiz
  • Allow students to click and drag options into their chosen order to answer the question using the ordered list
  • Pose a question that has a numerical answer that is either a single number or falls in a pre-specified range using the numerical question
  • Utilize the justification setting that, when checked, requires students to write a short response to justify their answer


The use of in-the-classroom polling with the Echo360 platform requires a section to be created in advance. Classroom Capture recordings must be scheduled ahead of time, and can be either one-time events or repeating semester events.

The ACCC-LTS assists with scheduling automatic capture of the east campus common use classrooms. For other classrooms, contact the appropriate department to have your lecture captured:

Universal Capture is available to all UIC faculty and instructors by request. Please note, users must already have courses created via Blackboard before submitting requests.

Recorded captures are kept on Echo 360’s servers for a period of four years before being removed.

If you are a college administrator, login to Echo360 System Administration to schedule college recordings.

LTS Support Office

806 S. Halsted Street, Lecture Center E, Room E112, Chicago, IL

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Incident Resolution Time Under 2 business days unless escalation to the vendor is required
Service Availability 24x7
Maintenance Window(s) Approved Technology Solutions maintenance window(s)
Service Notification Channel(s) Technology Solutions Service Notices
Listserv of lecture capture administrators on campus Faculty Notification System for targeted notifications for specific spaces
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