eLearning Authoring

With an eLearning content authoring tool you can create and package digital content for online learners. Here is a selection of software available to UIC instructors and staff to help create engaging eLearning content.

  • Adobe Captivate

    This responsive authoring tool can be used for creating software demonstrations, software simulations, branched scenarios, and randomized quizzes in Small Web Formats (.swf) and HTML5 formats.

    Adobe Captivate can be purchased by your department for installation on a UIC-owned computer, from the WebStore.

    Adobe Captivate is also available for use by faculty and students on a number of computers and laptops available for lab use and checkout from the ACCC Academic Multimedia Lab.

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  • Articulate 360

    Articulate 360 is an annual subscription that includes everything you need for e-learning course development. It includes access to award-winning authoring apps Storyline 360, Rise 360, and more; a library with 5 million course assets; a project review app that streamlines the review process; and live and on-demand online training with industry experts.

    Here’s an overview of all the apps included with Articulate 360, as well as a short summary of what each app does and links you can explore for more info. You can also check out this helpful overview video to get oriented.

    UIC has an enterprise license that includes collaboration features, simple account management, and priority support. Any UIC department can purchase a “seat” in the UIC Articulate 360 Team plan by emailing the Learning Technology Solutions at LTS@uic.edu. The cost varies, please email to inquire.

  • Camtasia

    Capture video of your computer screen, microphone and webcam input, then edit and produce high-quality clips in many different file formats.

    Capture PowerPoint or Keynote presentations quickly and easily. Record and highlight interaction with websites or applications, emphasize and elaborate with callouts, animations, and other enhancements. Make content accessible with closed captioning, and collect quiz results via email or SCORM-compliant LMS.

    Camtasia Studio can be purchased on the iBuy website for a fee, and it is free to use on a number of computers and laptops available for lab use and checkout from the ACCC Academic Multimedia Lab.

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  • Panopto

    Capture and edit video, add captions, create video assignments, and insert interactive video quizzes. Panopto videos can be played back on any device, and its editor runs in any web browser.

    This tool is recommended for faculty and instructors that want to “flip” the classroom, or that are creating video content for blended or online courses, and for students that need to create video assignments to share with classmates and instructors.

    Panopto can be used as an integrated tool inside Blackboard and directly in the UIC Panopto website.

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  • PowerPoint

    Slides can include text, graphics, audio, video, and other objects that can be placed freely across the slide. Combine these with animations, transitions, and triggers to create an interactive lesson. Content can be exported as a video or shared online using Office 365.

    PowerPoint is available as part of the University Office 365 subscription.

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  • VoiceThread

    Access VoiceThread through Blackboard to create a shared presentation that participants can asynchronously comment on either by text, voice, or video. The presentation can include any form of digital media, including images, audio, video, and text.

    The resulting output of this combination of the digital presentation and accumulated viewer comments is called a “VoiceThread.” Blackboard integration allows the creation and grading of student assignments.

    Learn how to integrate VoiceThread in your Blackboard courses.

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