Organization/User Control

Service: Backups

To install the client:

Click the link to the installer for your targeted operating system here

Open the downloaded installer file and follow any instructions in the installer. 

Once the installation is complete, the CrashPlan client app should open automatically and prompt for login credentials. Enter your NetID and ACCC common password to log in.

Tags: Backups
Service: Backups

Below is a download link to the standard custom Code42 template (with ACCC server settings preconfigured), and a preconfigured and precustomized .dmg that prevents the application from starting automatically right after installation, and sets the user variable to the output of

last | grep console | grep still | awk '{print $1}' | head -1

If the premade installer fits your needs, you can skip right to deployment. Else, read on below. 

Download links:

Full Customized Application

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