There is a Web service whose purpose is to authenticate the end user (either by IP address or Bluestem id), check an authorization list, and supply the Web page if approved. All you have to do to use it is set up a configuration file that contains the authorization list. (group hosting) and (personal hosting) already provide Bluestem for protecting files, and for personal CGI scripts. However, you may have data that requires extra-special protection (e.g. financial or medical), or you may want to run a web application (e.g.

This page answers general questions about Web security, and lists the ways one can limit access to particular Web pages at UIC.

Bluestem authentication plugin for WordPress integrates with WordPress sites to allow you to log in to your WordPress site using your UIC credentials. The plugin works with single and multi-site (network) installations.

The main advantage of using this plugin is security: instead of a local WordPress password, you and the users of your site can use existing UIC passwords. And, by replacing WordPress authentication with Bluestem, it removes local accounts and passwords as a vector of attack.

This guide explains how to install the Bluestem client on a Linux (CentOS 7) server.

Register application server

Visit Bluestem application server registration page and click Add New Server. Type the hostname of the server in Hostname field. If the server later gets a CNAME, the CNAME will automatically work with Bluestem without any additional registrations. Copy the key string and click Save Changes.

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