UIC provides all faculty and instructors with a free and easy-to-use lecture capture tool called Echo360 ALP. Along with features provided by the tool, UIC faculty have access to support, learning workshops, and personal consultations.

The captures created from Echo360 ALP can be linked to Blackboard Learn and accessed via Echo

Audience: Faculty, Staff, IT, ACCC

The ACCC provides assistance to the users of the common use classrooms (those scheduled by the Office of Classroom Scheduling) and ACCC computer labs on the East Side of campus.  The Learning Environments & Technology Support (LETS) office is centrally located in Lecture Center E, to provide a single point of contact for any support needed.

Audience: Faculty, Staff

The ACCC provides multimedia equipment for a variety of uses:

  • Students may check out laptops and other multimedia equipment for three days at a time, at no cost, from several locations on campus.
    • Laptops are limited to three total checkouts per semester, in order to ensure the limited supply of laptops is available to as many students as possible.
  • Faculty may reserve or check out laptops and other multimedia equipment for use in a specific class session, at no cost, from the ACCC-LTS Support office.
  • Faculty may check out multimedia equipment for three days at a time, at no cost, from the ACCC-LTS Multimedia Lab.
  • Students, faculty, or staff can rent multimedia equipment for scheduled events, for a fee. Details of this service are found at the Event Support (Audio/Visual) service page.
Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

Many instructors have found it useful to have software and data files installed on our network servers for their students to use. The Academic Computing and Communications Center will work with faculty and departments to make such arrangements.

For any software not listed as installed by default, you must submit the software installation request before the deadline and provide all the required information.

ACCC works diligently to improve and maintain instructional technology available to students, faculty and staff in classrooms and computer labs on campus. Classroom support is provided through our Learning Environments & Technology Services office, which is centrally located in the East Side of campus to provide a single point of contact for any classroom support needs. Campus computer labs are available to UIC students, staff, faculty and authorized guests. Several of the labs are available for reservation for instruction or special events.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

In the first half of 2012, the Office of Campus Learning Environments and the Academic Computing and Communications Center renovated Taft Hall rooms 100 and 120, bringing support for a new pedagogy: active, or team-basedlearning. For more information on this popular pedagogy, please visit the Team Based Learning Collaborative website.

In the summer of 2018, the OCLE and ACCC partnered to update the team-based technology solution for these two classrooms.

During Summer 2009, the Office of Campus Learning Environments (OCLE) managed the renovation of Burnham Hall room B10. This room had previously been a simplified multimedia classroom, with a mobile multimedia cart. The result of the summer project was a fully multimedia classroom with three digital projectors, two CopyCams for image capture of whiteboard content, and a physical setup that allows for a totally new type of learning environment. The environment emphasizes a informal setting with the simplest possible transition between lecture content and small group work.

Service: Classrooms

This depends on the type of wireless microphone that you have.  You must contact Classroom Support regarding use of a personal or departmental wireless microphone in a general-use classroom.  You should also consult Classroom Support if you are intending to purchase a wireless microphone to use in the classrooms.

During Spring Break 2013, ACCC had a new proof-of-concept multimedia system installed into Student Center East 408.  This system represents some of the capabilities of the latest audio-visual technology, and provides a basis for future direction of technology in the UIC learning environments.

Service: Classrooms

Use the classroom list and select a classroom to determine what equipment is available.

Service: Classrooms

The Learning Environments & Technology Services office provides provides equipment and service reservations both for UIC academic courses, and for special events. We have many types of equipment available for loan, please see below for the full listing. There is no charge for academic course-related equipment reservations. Charges do apply for special events. These charges will be discussed on an individual basis once the LETS staff receives your reservation request and follows up with you regarding the needs of the event.

Service: Classrooms

Yes, when you are finished instructing your class, you should turn off the digital projector to allow it to cool down.  If you communicate with the instructor following you and they state that they will be using the digital projector that day, you may leave it on for their use.

If you have an issue with an IML, please contact Classroom Support for assistance.  Oftentimes a full lectern reset is not necessary and may cause other issues.

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Service: Classrooms

First try pressing a key on the keyboard and/or moving the mouse, as the computer may be in a sleep mode due to inactivity.

Second, check that the computer is turned on, there should be a green light next to the power button on the front of the computer.

Lastly, change the source via the control panel to another source, and then back to the built-in computer.

If none of these steps work, please contact Classroom Support for assistance.

Service: Classrooms

This depends on the circumstances, but general policy states that equipment can be reserved on a per-class basis.  This means that if you check out a piece of equipment for your 9:00am-9:50am class, you should return the equipment directly after 9:50am.

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