The ACCC hosts two types of local database servers for use by individuals, departments, or other campus groups: MySQL and MSSQL. Both are relational database management systems (RDBMS) that support multiple databases and that allow multiple people to access each one.

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If you already have a MySQL database, use the MySQL database and user management web application to:

  • add MySQL database users
  • remove MySQL database users
  • change access level (read-only or read-write)
  • change MySQL user passwords

Please note that MySQL usernames must correspond to existing UIC NetIDs. By default, each MySQL database also comes with two accounts:

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MySQL databases (version 5 or later) can be accessed via the web with phpMyAdmin. Log in using the following values:

To connect to MySQL and MariaDB databases on Linux virtual servers, use a tool like MySQL Workbench (cross-platform), or Sequel Pro (Mac OS X). Both are free applications.


Visit MySQL Workbench download page. Select your platform and click the Download button. On the next page, click "No thanks, just start my download" link to start your download. Install as you would other software on your computer.

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To access and manage ACCC-managed MS SQL databases, please download the SQL Server Management Studio from Microsoft.

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