The easiest way to import contacts into Gmail is to export your contacts from your old email client into a comma-delimited file, and then import the contents of the comma-delimited file into GoogleApps@UIC.

This article describes how to set the name on outgoing emails. With the exception of Exchange, the name can be customized directly in each email client you use. Below are a few examples:

The ACCC runs the Network Backup Service on all the files stored on an ACCC UNIX workstation every night, time permitting.

The ACCC runs an LDAP server that you can use to look up the names and email addresses of people using email addresses. This page explains how to use this LDAP server with Mozilla Thunderbird and with Eudora OSE, which is based on Thunderbird.

Service: Exchange

Your ACCC Microsoft Exchange mailbox grows as you create and receive items. To manage the space in your mailbox or on the mail server you are using, you can move old items that are important, but rarely used, to an archive location. This storage process occurs automatically with AutoArchive, but you can customize most of the default settings.

Note: The AutoArchive feature is removed from any Outlook profile that contains a Microsoft Exchange account with retention policies.

Service: Encryption

PGP Desktop Encryption has integrated email functions, but the UIC license doesn't include them. However, the PGP Viewer is part of the UIC PGP Desktop Encryption installation. PGP Viewer decrypts, verifies, and displays encrypted or signed files. So if you save an encrypted or signed email message to a file, you can decrypt or verify the saved file with PGP Viewer.

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Our Online Disk Space Policy outlines the quotas, or limits, placed of space usage in various accounts. If you receive a warning notice about disk space usage on Mailserv or Tigger, start by visiting the Quota tool to view the amount of space used by your email folders. This will help you pinpoint the largest folders in your account. Next, open one of the large folders in Webmail and sort by message size.

Phishing is the term used to refer to email that is sent to you by someone trying to get information from you.

When a student does not register for a Spring or Fall term, their UIC NetID is marked for expiration and enters a grace period. The grace period lasts throughout the term during which the student did not register for classes, and ends sometime in the middle of the next term. For example, if a student registered for Spring 2011, but did not register for Fall 2011, their NetID will remain in grace period throughout Fall and into Spring 2012.

Service: Exchange

There are two ways to work with another person's Microsoft Outlook folders — folder sharing and Delegate Access.

Folder sharing enables another person to access one of your folders, perhaps while you are on vacation. However, it does not include permissions for one to act on behalf of the other. For example, a person who can access your folders cannot reply to email messages or respond to meeting requests for you.

Email viruses propgate by tricking the recipient to execute a virus-laden attachment. Some email applications may automatically open or execute an infected file. To make it less likely that recipients will accidentally execute a malicious attachment, the ACCC runs all incoming email through MIMEdefang, a service that automatically renames files of certain types in order to prevent automatic execution. MIMEdefang adds a .txt extension. To restore the file, simply rename the file and remove the .txt extension:

MIgrating your email over to Exchange depends on how your current mailing system is set up. Please see which of the below scenarios applies to you and follow the steps provided.

Email size limits for GoogleApps@UIC Gmail are set by Google and are currently 25 MB, for both incoming and outgoing email.

The size limit for outbound mail sent by an ACCC server (Basic Email or Exchange) is 25 MB. The size limit for inbound email (email that comes into UIC addressed to any ACCC email server) is also 25 MB

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This problem only occurs when you use the ACCC's on-campus only, non-authenticated outgoing SMTP server, When you send an email message using, the server attempts to contact your machine via identd. Normally your machine would simply reject the connection and things go quickly. When a firewall is installed, the identd connection is blocked so the SMTP server's attempt to connect has to time out, which is where the delay comes from.

CAUTION: You might be tempted to turn the firewall off -- that is not the answer.

You can create, rename, or delete folders in Webmail following these steps below:

For Basic Email accounts, the Email Tools web tool displays:

  • Email usage and quota
  • Date and time of last time the account was accessed (IMAP or POP)
  • 10 largest messages or files

It also has options to download or delete entire Basic Email folders.

Why are we requiring students to use UIC Gmail?

The new email policy that requires students to use Gmail was put in place to safeguard against spam attacks and blacklisting, or blocking, of UIC emails.

Most email programs have options that allow you to undelete email messages that you have just deleted; see the documentation for your email program for instructions. If your email program automatically deletes your deleted messages -- often called "emptying the trash -- when you log out, this option is only available during the session that you deleted the message.

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To import or export data from your Webmail addressbook, use the Email Addressbook Import/Export tool (authentication required).

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As the text of these messages say, they aren't really email messages. They are created whenever you read your email with a program that uses the IMAP email protocol to handle your Inbox and other email folders. IMAP creates these messages, which it uses for internal record keeping.

You shouldn't see these messages when you read your email with an email program that is set up to use IMAP. That includes WebMail and pine, which use only IMAP. You can also set up Eudora, Netscape, and Outlook to use IMAP rather than POP.


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