UIC Alert is an optional free service that allows UIC officials to send text messages to your mobile phone or any text message capable device in the case of a campus emergency.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT
Service: UIC Alert
  1. Log in to the UIC Alert website.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number (10 digits with area code, any format) and click SAVE.
  3. In a few minutes, you should receive a text message which will contain a unique five-character code (for example: XbtGQ):

    Enter XbtGQ on the web page to verify this phone.

    This code is unique to each mobile phone number. Enter this code in the online form and click SAVE to complete the subscription process.

Service: UIC Alert

Make sure you are entering the code in the form on the UIC Alert website. Replying to the text message with the code will not confirm your mobile phone.

After you have signed up for our UIC Alert service, once a year, we ask for you to confirm your phone number to ensure you're still affiliated with the university. You will receive an email asking you to log into the UIC Alert page and confirm your phone number. If you do not confirm your number within 30 days, your number will be removed from the service.

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