Beginning with the Academic Year 2015-2016, the faculty computer replacement program (commonly referred to as FaCT) has been restructured.

For Tier II machines, please check with your college/departmental IT contact.

For Tier I machines, the faculty member has administrator access to the computer.  Additionally, IT support personnel in the respective department/college and ACCC On-Site Support personnel have administrator access to provide support when needed.

The below policy applies only to the computers distributed as part of the AY14-15 Computer Replacement Program.  The renegotiated contract for AY15-16 implements a change in structure, in which ACCC does not have a direct role in the program.


Revision Date: September 18, 2014

For Academic Year 2014-2015 deployed machines:

For Tier I machines, please submit a request for service via our online web form at http://accc.uic.edu/service/fact/request-support or by calling ACCC at 312-413-0003.

For Tier II machines, please contact your college/departmental IT personnel.

For Academic Year 2015-2016 deployed machines:

The following software will be pre-installed on all Tier I (ACCC-supported) FaCT machines.  It is expected that Tier II (College-supported) FaCT machines will receive a comparable suite of software.

In an effort to meet the needs of all of the colleges and faculty, the Faculty Computer Provisioning program is being offered in two Tiers.

For Academic Year 2014-2015 deployed machines, Tier I FaCT machines are joined to the campus Active Directory system, meaning you login to your machine using your NetID and Common Password.  Tier II machines are expected to also be joined with Active Directory and login in the same fashion.  Machines deployed in Academic Year 2015-2016 and going forward are expected to be joined with Active Directory as well.

Currently, only faculty who are members of either the Tenure or Non-Tenure Faculty Bargaining Units are eligible for the FaCT program.  Only eligible faculty with either a university-provided machine that is older than four years as of August 15th of the current year, or no university-provided machine at all, will receive new machines this fiscal year.  Unit IT support personnel will be coordinating with faculty to select and order machines.  If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact your unit IT personnel.

There is no cost to the faculty member to participate in the FaCT program.  All machines are paid for by the Home Department of an eligible faculty bargaining unit member.

For machines distributed during the Academic Year 2014-2015 period:

For Tier I machines, faculty members will be given administrative access to the machine, allowing them to install and uninstall software as needed.

For Tier II machines, software policies are managed by the College or Department.


For machines distributed during the Academic Year 2015-2016 period:

Software policies are management by the College or Department.

The Home Department of the eligible faculty member owns the FaCT machine.  If a tenure-track faculty member changes Home Departments, the machine moves with the faculty member and needs to be transferred to the new department's inventory.  If a non-tenure-track faculty member changes Home Departments, the machine stays with the original Home Department and is re-allocated to whomever is hired into the same position.  If either a tenure-track or non-tenure-track faculty member leaves the university, the machine is returned to the Home Department and then re-allocated to either another eligib

For the time being, a backup solution is not being provided as part of the base configuration.  ACCC hopes to include it in the future depending on licensing and costs.  In the meantime, clients are encouraged to setup some means of backup/protection.  One option is to utilize the ADSM backup solution that ACCC offers (http://accc.uic.edu/service/backups), another and possibly complementary solution is to create and utilize a Box.com account through the University (http://accc.uic.edu/service/box), and

Faculty members should work with their unit IT personnel to determine the configuration option that best meets their needs.  Minimum recommended configuration options can be found here: http://accc.uic.edu/service/fact/configurations).

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