Closing a GoogleApps@UIC session is a two step process. You must do both.

The GoogleApps@UIC service is being provided by the University as a primary email and collaboration system. University policies apply to the service.

MIgrating your email over to Exchange depends on how your current mailing system is set up. Please see which of the below scenarios applies to you and follow the steps provided.

A favicon is a small icon that displays at the top of a web browser to identify a page as part of a particular website or group of websites.You can add the UIC favicon to your Google site so that it identifies your site as part of UIC.

If you want to import your Google Calendar into Outlook, you don’t have to re-enter all of your appointments. Instead, export your Google Calendar to a file, and then import them into Outlook on your desktop. It’s not a one-click button but there’s a wizard that’ll walk you through the steps.


Most email programs have options that allow you to undelete email messages that you have just deleted; see the documentation for your email program for instructions. If your email program automatically deletes your deleted messages -- often called "emptying the trash -- when you log out, this option is only available during the session that you deleted the message.

Google's page on storage limits has details on email quotas and how to permanently delete messages. Your quota is shared between your GoogleApps@UIC Gmail, Drive, and Google+ account.


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