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A listserv email list is an email-based list of subscribers, which can be used as a discussion group, a distribution list or a group or campus unit email address.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

Personal email addresses at UIC are of the form Units, departments, and other entities on campus often have need of task-oriented email addresses that should not be identified publicly with a specific person. The ACCC provides several options for these department, group, and otherwise non-personal email addresses.

UIC faculty, staff and students can use the Listserv Creation Form to create new lists. The list will be created immediately; its email address will be, where listname is the name you selected for the list. The additional email alias will be created instantly as well, although this is only an alias that routes email to

Please visit Massmail Preferences to subscribe or cancel your subscription to Massmail. 

Important note: Subscription to Official and Urgent notifications is mandatory for all active UIC students, staff, faculty and affiliates with a UIC NetID. To update the email address used for subscription to Massmail and Urgent and Official notifications, update the forwarding of your UIC email address.

Yes. You should receive all listserv messages in your new GoogleApps@UIC account as long as you are subscribed to the listserv using:

Service: Listserv

Listserv passwords are independent of any other password. A listserv password is associated with a specific email address. To set a new listserv password click on the Change Password button on any listserv login page:

Service: Listserv

​To unsubscribe from a UIC listserv, send a specially formatted message or use the web interface (requires setting up a listserv password). Please note that there are special listservs (urgent and official notifications, massmail) for which subscription is managed centrally for all UIC students, staff and faculty.

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Service: Listserv

In order to make the listserv tool more accessible, the listserv management dashboard is defaulted to utilize text-based navigation instead of pulldown navigation (drop-down boxes).

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There are two different ways to subscribe to a listserv.

Using the listserv webpage

You can go to our listserv webpage and browse through the list to find the one you're searching for. Once you click on the name, you can enter your name and email address to subscribe to the list. If the listserv you are looking for is unlisted, you'll have to enter its name to be able to subscribe to it. Some lists have open subscription whereas for others, your subscription must be approved by the owner of the listserv before you can join it.

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Create a listserv contact

  1. Perform the steps to the email client you are using:
    • Outlook 2010: In Contacts, on the Home tab, in the New group, click New Contact.
    • Outlook 2013: In People, on the Home tab, in the New group, click New Contact.
    • OWA: In Contacts, click New on the top.
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Service: Listserv

If a listserv was created inadvertently or has reached the end of its useful life and is no longer needed, any of the list's owners may request that it be deleted by contacting

If you are not the list owner, you may contact instead, and have the paperwork completed by your department head.

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Service: Listserv

To get help with Listserv related problems, send an email message to the Listserv list in question's List Owner:

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