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The system administrator must set Passwordaccess to generate and must use TSM to generate a password file when he or she installs and configures the TSM Network Backup Client.

Also, you are using Apple MacOS X 10.3 and higher's Case Sensitive HFS+ file system with the IBM TSM (ADSM) Mac client...

Tags: adsm, backup, mac
Service: Backups
Move the following folders to the trash; you may not have all of the items, depending on which version of the TSM client you are uninstalling:
  1. /Applications/Tivoli Storage Manager
  2. /Library/Application Support/tivoli
  3. /Library/StartupItem/dsmcad
  4. If you wish, /Library/Logs/tivoli
  5. If you wish, ~/Library/Logs/tivoli
  6. If you wish, /Library/Preferences/Tivoli Storage Manager
  7. If you wish, ~/Library/Preferences/Tivoli Storage Manager
Remove the following symbolic links:
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To locate the version of your Mac, click the Apple logo in the top left of your screen, then click About This Mac. A window will then appear and under Mac OS X, you will see the current version of your OS.

Additional Information: You can also use this screen to locate your serial number. Simply click on the version twice.

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If you are trying to burn a copy of an existing CD/DVD, you will need to make an image of the original CD/DVD and burn the image to a blank CD/DVD.

Tags: adsm, backup, mac
Service: Backups

If you are using Apple Mac OS X 10.3 and higher's Case Sensitive HFS+ file system with the TSM Mac client:

  • The client needs a writable error log. If a log isn't present, it will be opened under the name and permissions of the user who invokes the applications. It may mean that the user won't have permission and it won't run.
  • It is strongly recommended that you create any required logs (a) in a directory and (b) with proper permissions to allow all users on your Mac write access.

Also IBM says you must:


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