Please visit Massmail Preferences to subscribe or cancel your subscription to Massmail. 

Important note: Subscription to Official and Urgent notifications is mandatory for all active UIC students, staff, faculty and affiliates with a UIC NetID. To update the email address used for subscription to Massmail and Urgent and Official notifications, update the forwarding of your UIC email address.

Massmail is a type of bulk email message sent to current UIC students, faculty or staff who are subscribed to Massmail.  Content of the messages is restricted to events on campus or events sponsored by campus units. 

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students
Service: Listserv

​To unsubscribe from a UIC listserv, send a specially formatted message or use the web interface (requires setting up a listserv password). Please note that there are special listservs (urgent and official notifications, massmail) for which subscription is managed centrally for all UIC students, staff and faculty.

Tags: massmail
Service: Massmail

There are three distinct Massmail lists:

  • massmail_student
  • massmail_staff
  • massmail_faculty

Some massmails are directed to all three lists, some may be directed to just one or two. If you are affiliated with UIC in more than one way (for example: you are an employee but also enrolled in classes) you may be subscribed to more than one list and may receive multiple messages as a result.

The same holds true for Official and Urgent lists.

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