Office365 Onedrive

If you plan to make heavy use of the collaborative features of your OneDrive for Business library, you should enable the versioning feature. Versioning allows you to:

Accessing your UIC OneDrive

You can log into UIC's OneDrive by going to

**Remember to use your email address and your ACCC Common password to login.

View, Create, and Upload Files and Folders in OneDrive

In OneDrive, you can view and create files and folders and upload folders from your computer into your OneDrive space.

Viewing Files

To see all your folders and files, Click Documents on the left-hand menu. 

NOTE:  By default, OneDrive stores your deleted files in a Recycle bin for at least 3 days and a maximum of 30 days. If your Recycle bin gets large enough to exceed 10% of your total OneDrive storage, the duration for which they will be kept is reduced. Your Recycle bin doesn't count against your OneDrive storage limit. Once a file is deleted, it no longer uses your available storage space.

NOTE:  If you have document versioning turned on in OneDrive for Business, you can view or restore previous versions of documents. If document versioning is turned off, you can still restore the previous version of a document, though only the most recently edited version.


1.  Select the document for which you want to restore an earlier version.

2.  In the ribbon, select Files > Version History.

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