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Conference call using the VoIP phone conference feature on a Cisco phone

These instructions are for making a conference call with a Cisco VoIP phone. Please note that some UIC Cisco phones have calling restrictions, so you should confirm that the phone you plan to use can call off-campus and out of state.

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Cisco CallManager is a web-based service that allows UIC VoIP users to manage their address book as well as their speed/fast dial on their VoIP phone.

User Options: Address Book

The Personal Address Book option in the User Options drop-down list allows you to add, edit, or delete entries to your Personal Address Book on your phone.  

NOTE 1: It is important to add entries to your Personal Address Book before adding any Fast Dials.

Softphone Request

Softphone (Cisco IP Communicator) allows you to answer and receive calls to your VoIP phone on your Windows based system. Provided that you have a compatible Windows based system, microphone and headphones/speakers this feature is available and easy to use. You will first need to submit some information to us so that we can activate your softphone account.

If your system meets the requirements on the list you can submit a softphone account request below, remember to include the MAC addresses of your wired LAN connection and wireless LAN connection (if applicable).

Your phone number
The Wired MAC Address is the 12-character "Physical Address" in XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX form.
The Wireless MAC Address is the 12-character "Physical Address" in XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX form.

ACCC handles the management and administration of cell phone and mobile data plans centrally contracted through the state of Illinois.

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Several services are available to support and enable users to make telephone calls on campus.  Currently the ACCC maintains systems for legacy analog phones and phones using voice over IP technology. In support of calls services are provided for conference calls and operator services.

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Long Range Pagers are small receivers which are carried by individuals who need a means by which to be contacted when they are not near a phone. ACCC manages campus long range paging service and offers the following pagers:

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Service: VoIP

Your VoIP phone has a web based user interface called Cisco CallManager that allows you to program speed dials, forward calls, and perform several other functions related to customizing your settings. To activate this feature you will need to authenticate and then you will be passed to a second page where you will be prompted to confirm your common password. This step is necessary to synchronize your common password with your telephone. Please activate your account to allow for phone configuration.

Voicemail Telephone Number: (312) 413-9500

Voice Mailbox Number: (your 5-digit campus telephone extension)

Security Code: (your 7 digit identification code)

  1. To set up your mailbox for the first time:

    Note: You must press 9 twice(9,9) to exit Voicemail

    Please record a greeting, name recording, and security code within 10 days to avoid disconnection

For data jacks that VoIP phones run on you can essentially have an unlimited number of phone lines associated with one device.  By installing a 6 line phone and then adding on sidecars you can ensure that multiple lines will appear on the single data jack.

For traditional analog/Centrex jacks you can install four phones on the voice port of a jack. For example, two phones, one fax, and a credit card machine.

Please note this procedure will not work on the Cisco IP phones and since all Centrex lines are not compatible to add this feature you must call 6-7144 select option 5 to confirm the feature can be activated, if so we will activate the feature immediately. There is a $1.49 charge with each successful activation.

This is to address those instances where staff receive either obscene or harassing phone calls. The Call Trace feature enables a user to track a call already received and provide information to properly investigate a complaint.

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Single Line Phone Features

Standard Features

Single-Line Set - A telephone set used to access only one line

Call Forwarding - Allows you to select another campus number to which all calls will be forwarded until forwarding is canceled from your phone.

Phone does not appear to be "on"

If you see no indicators or information on your telephone's LCD screen please check to make sure that the telephone is plugged into your data jack. In most instances your phone should be able to receive power over your data connection. If your phone is securely plugged in to your offices ethernet jack and is still not receiving power then you may need a power brick. Please use "Report Problem" if your phone appears to not have power.

To add a new phone line, change an existing phone line, or remove a current phone line, please submit a request using this form.

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  1. Press the more softkey and then press the Trnsfer softkey.  This places the call on hold.
  2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call.
  3. When the dialed number rings on the other end, press the Trnsfer softkey again, or when the party answers, announce the call and then press the Trnsfer softkey.
  4. Hang up if the party accepts the call. If the party refuses the call, return to the original call by pressing the Resume softkey.

On a Centrex phone no, all multi-line sets' primary numbers must be different. The primary number is what controls the features on each set.

On VoIP sets yes, this is possible.


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Yes, but if the phones are Centrex all the phones must be installed in the same room for E911 purposes so if a call is made from that number, the emergency team knows where to go. 
With VoIP phones we have an enhanced server that has the ability to recognize where lines are installed regardless of the actual line number associated with the device.
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Voicemail Options

You have the ability to turn on email notifications or disable them. Simply toggle on your email address, or the word OFF to disable. Furthermore you can choose to include the sound files in the message, or turn that functionality off and check the messages through the softphone portal, or using the phone itself.

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