The SafeAssignment service is run and hosted by the Blackboard company, and not by the UIC Blackboard learning management system (LMS).  While the UIC Blackboard LMS provides a seamless interface to students and instructors for submitting documents for plagiarism analysis, the actual SafeAssign plagiarism analysis is run off-campus, by Blackboard Inc. servers. 

SafeAssign and many other Internet services take your files, process them, store them, and return them. You can never be sure of which file system processes the file names that you create.

“I’m experiencing a bug/problem with my browser.. what do I do?”

This problem can be solved by following the steps listed for each browser:


  1. Open Safari

The SafeAssignment plagiarism detection service (run and hosted by the Blackboard company) supports the following file formats:

  • Microsoft Word documents i.e. files with .doc and .docx file name extensions

Typically the SafeAssign service returns SafeAssign originality (SA) reports within a few minutes.

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