Install Shibboleth service provider software

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and SUSE Linux

This tutorial assumes that you already have Shibboleth installed and working on your server and that you are using Drupal 7.

Install and configure Shibboleth authentication module

Download and install the Shibboleth authentication Drupal module, as you would typically install a contributed Drupal module.

Once it is installed, visit Configuration > Shibboleth settings.

Tags: shibboleth
Service: Single Sign On

To support another hostname on the same server that is already configured for Shibboleth you will need to clone the endpoints that were added to your metadata during registration, changing the hostnames. You should have one set of endpoints for each hostname.

Tags: shibboleth
Service: Single Sign On

Once a new NetID is activated, or reactivated, an overnight process will update the appropriate data fields. The following day the new NetID will be able to authenticate and access any systems using Shibboleth.


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