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ACCC allows members of the UIC community to purchase sophisticated statistical applications at a significant discount. In exchange for offering deep discounts to staff and students of the UIC Community, the statistical software manufacturers require that ACCC provides some first-tier support for these applications. We can sell you SPSS (-IBM), SAS, Stata, and SYSTAT. We sell these products to the UIC community via the WebStore:

For SPSS license renewal and instructions, please visit the WebStore.

Install a Statistical Application

All these products have their own solutions to help you install them. Before doing so, however, you might want to review some of the terminology in this section.

Stata is available for purchase at reduced rates (GradPlan pricing) by students, faculty, and staff at the University of Illinois, Chicago campus.

Stata can be purchased directly from StataCorp:

Contact in order to renew Stata.

Since you purchase Stata directly from StataCorp, StataCorp will provide you with instructions for installing their product.  ACCC will be glad to assist you in resolving installation problems you may experience.

Please visit the Stata website for installation instructions.

Commercial software, as it is currently written, is never "perfect" when released. As software companies learn about defects in their products, they periodically make patches available at their web sites. We at ACCC cannot maintain a library of the constant flow of patches advertised by statistical software manufacturers. We suggest that you periodically visit the vendor's web site to see if there are patches available for your software. Make certain that you only apply patches appropriate to the exact version of software that you have installed.

Most statistics applications obtained through UIC require you to uninstall their previous version before installing their new version. Should you leave the university, you are legally required to remove any statistical software that you purchased through ACCC. If none of the standard methods for renewing the license for your product works properly, a fail-safe method that always works is to uninstall the application, and re-install it with the new licensing information.

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