Oracle Calendar Outlook Connector allows you to use Outlook 2003 or 2007 to manage your UICalendar database.

Access rights control who can see your schedule and send you meeting invitations, and, for advanced users, are used to appoint designates -- Editors, as they are called in the Outlook Connector -- who can manage your schedule for you. 

There isn't a specific tool to transfer all your data from UICalendar to your Google Calendar, but it is easy to get data from UICal into Google Calendar. You can either:

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The lack of direct SyncML sync to iCal on the iPhone is because Apple won't let third party software interact with iCal. Synthesis AG got tired of waiting for this to change, and decided to make their own calendar and task application; Todo+Cal+Sync is the result.

There are only two problems:

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The Oracle Mobile Data Sync, or OMA-DS (formerly known as SyncML), allows you to sync your mobile phone or PDA with a wireless connection directly with the UIC UICalendar server, without connecting it to a PC or Mac and without using your phone or PDA's Web browser. It does require OMA-DS/SyncML support on your mobile phone or PDA -- either built-in or through purchased software. In this case, you enter a specialized URL into SyncML client software. The SyncML client uses the URL to talk to the UICal server and syncs both ways, to the phone or PDA and back to UICal.

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The most flexible way to access UICalendar on your iPhone is still to use Safari on the iPhone to use the UICalendar web client. However, other ways of using UICalendar from the iPhone are getting a lot better now. By far the easiest way is to import your UICalendar calendar into iCal on the your iOS device. This gives you everything, including alarms. The only thing that is missing is that you can't enter new events on the iPhone and upload them to UICalendar. Importing your UICal calendar into iCal requires at least iOS 3.0.

You can "import" or "subscribe" your UICalendar calendar into any calendar that supports iCal calendar feeds. You can do this once, to move from UICalendar to another calendaring system, or you can use it just to display your UICal calendar in another calendar program or device.

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Global Agendas -- Sharing Your UICal Calendar with Anyone. Global Agenda viewing is an option of UICal on the Web that allows you to send a URL to anyone you want -- they do not have to have to have a UICal account and they may not have anything to do with UIC at all -- that will allow them read-only access to a view of the times that you are busy.

People viewing your Global Agenda Web page will be able to read the text of agenda items that you mark items with the access level of Public. Non-Public items will just appear as "Busy".

UICalendar is an older campus-wide calendaring and scheduling service offered by ACCC. UICalendar uses the Oracle Calendar Server, a component of Oracle's Collaboration Suite.

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The long awaited wireless SyncML solution for the iPhone has come. SyncML is the best way to sync smartphones and PDAs, but Synthesis SyncML for the iPhone isn't quite finished yet. This is part of an email we received from them:

To find the application once it appears in the App Store, search for 'Synthesis SyncML'.. [It's in Production.]

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Faculty and staff can open a UICalendar account on the web using the NetID and Password Management web application. For their own calendars, students should use GoogleApps@UIC. If a student needs a UICalendar account for another reason, please send an email message to accounts@uic.edu explaining why and we will create it for them.

  1. Open UICalendar
  2. File -> Export Data
  3. For Type, select vCalendar file and click continue
  4. For Period, select All
  5. Name file and save
  6. Open Outlook
  7. File -> Import and Export...
  8. Select Import and vCalendar file (.vcs) and click Next
  9. Select the file you saved from Oracle (make sure you are showing .vcs files and not .ics files)
  10. A prompt box will pop up asking what to do, select Import
  11. Outlook calendar should now be populated with the dates from UICal

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