Conference call using the VoIP phone conference feature on a Cisco phone

These instructions are for making a conference call with a Cisco VoIP phone. Please note that some UIC Cisco phones have calling restrictions, so you should confirm that the phone you plan to use can call off-campus and out of state.

ACCC runs multiple servers on campus that allow users to conduct communications in the form of telephony over the data network. This system was implemented in an effort to migrate users off of the legacy Centrex based system. The system allows users to take advantage of many of the advanced features of Unified Communications.

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Cisco CallManager is a web-based service that allows UIC VoIP users to manage their address book as well as their speed/fast dial on their VoIP phone.

User Options: Address Book

The Personal Address Book option in the User Options drop-down list allows you to add, edit, or delete entries to your Personal Address Book on your phone.  

NOTE 1: It is important to add entries to your Personal Address Book before adding any Fast Dials.

ACCC administers several systems that allow for telephones on campus to have voicemail.  We run multiple systems in support of the various different types of phones such as VoIP and legacy analog phones (Centrex).

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If you have forgotten your password, you can request a reset of your password. If you already know your password and want to change it:

  • Press the message button to access your voicemail.
  • Press (0) to access submenu
  • Select (1) Record unavailable message
  • Select (3) Change Name
  • Select (4) Temporary greeting


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This system allows several options for receiving voicemails. You can have email notifications sent to your inbox. These emails can have links to the files or attachments of the files. The commands listed in the table below toggle the functions on or off.

Be aware, however, that sound files could fill up your inbox and cause you to exceed your space quota if the messages are not deleted regularly. Deleting sound files from your inbox does not delete them from your voicemail’s storage.

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Your VoIP phone has a web based user interface called Cisco CallManager that allows you to program speed dials, forward calls, and perform several other functions related to customizing your settings. To activate this feature you will need to authenticate and then you will be passed to a second page where you will be prompted to confirm your common password. This step is necessary to synchronize your common password with your telephone. Please activate your account to allow for phone configuration.

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You may call your phone from any other phone. When your recorded greeting begins, press the * (asterisk) button. You will then be prompted for your voicemail password.

Alternatively, you may call 312-355-5960 and follow the voice instructions. You will be asked for your mailbox, then password.

If your phone password is not allowing you to access your voicemail, request a password reset.

For data jacks that VoIP phones run on you can essentially have an unlimited number of phone lines associated with one device.  By installing a 6 line phone and then adding on sidecars you can ensure that multiple lines will appear on the single data jack.

For traditional analog/Centrex jacks you can install four phones on the voice port of a jack. For example, two phones, one fax, and a credit card machine.

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To set up voicemail, press the messages button. It will prompt you for a new password. The system will disconnect you. You should then reenter the system with your new password. You will be able to set your options. You will also record a new greeting using the mailbox options submenus shown below.

Asterisk Voicemail Commands - Main Menu
1 New messages
2 Change folders
0 Mailbox options


Phone does not appear to be "on"

If you see no indicators or information on your telephone's LCD screen please check to make sure that the telephone is plugged into your data jack. In most instances your phone should be able to receive power over your data connection. If your phone is securely plugged in to your offices ethernet jack and is still not receiving power then you may need a power brick. Please use "Report Problem" if your phone appears to not have power.

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  1. Press the more softkey and then press the Trnsfer softkey.  This places the call on hold.
  2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call.
  3. When the dialed number rings on the other end, press the Trnsfer softkey again, or when the party answers, announce the call and then press the Trnsfer softkey.
  4. Hang up if the party accepts the call. If the party refuses the call, return to the original call by pressing the Resume softkey.
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Press the "CFwdALL" softkey on your phone. Enter in extension 2-2222. All incoming calls are now going directly to your voicemail. Pressing the "CFwdALL" softkey on your phone disables call forwarding.

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