web publishing


Use the following settings to connect to your webhost.uic.edu account with an SSH client: 

No additional software is needed to map your webhost.uic.edu account as a network share, but if you are connecting from an off-campus location you will need to connect to the UIC Virtual Private Network (VPN) first. 


Right-click on your Desktop. Select New then Shortcut. In the dialog, type in \\webhost.uic.edu\site-name where site-name is the name of your site (for example: demo) in the location field. Click Next.

Are you a member of a student organization looking to build web presence? The best place to start is by contacting connect@uic.edu

There is a number of useful tools to complement your website. Some of the tools listed here are not supported by ACCC, but they are available to the UIC community.

To use perl in web applications hosted on Tigger, you must use perlwrap​. Web applications using perlwrap can only be accessed from campus, or if the user has authenticated via Bluestem. That is, only people at UIC can use your scripts.


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