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In order to use WebDisks from a Linux/Unix machine you will need to download Cadaver; Cadaver is an open source command-line client for Unix machines that allows users to edit and manage files collaboratively on remote Web servers. This happensunder the controlled authoring and versioning of WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning). Cadaver supports ftp-like functions such as file upload, download, and directory listings, plus it lets you create directories ('collections') and lock/unlock files.

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In order to use WebDisks from a web browser, please visit webdisks.uic.edu and authenticate using your UIC NetID and ACCC common password. Click on the Content System tab in order to enter the WebDisk environment.

WebDisks - web interface

Use the Upload File and Create Folder buttons to add content and create folders.

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Creating and uploading websites is easier than ever thanks to the Blackboard Content System (BCS). To get started log in to the system using the web client:

From your web browser please visit:


and login using your NetID as your username and your ACCC common password as your password.

Before Recycling a file in the Content System, you should remove all the permissions you might have granted if you shared the file with someone.  To look at the file permissions follow these steps:

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In order to access your WebDAV folder using the Mac OS X built-in support, go to the Finder menu and under Go choose Connect to Server.  

Enter this URL: https://uic.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/users/YourNetID/

*Substitute your student NetID in the address*

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In order to access your WebDAV folder using the Windows built-in support, enter this URL:


*Substitute your student NetID in the address*

A pop-up box will prompt you to enter a user name and password.  Enter your UIC NetID and password just as you would login to Blackboard. If you are already logged in to Blackboard, the above URL will take you directly to your folder.

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Granting and removing access to files stored on a WebDisk is done through the web interface. Log in to WebDisks to start sharing!

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The following table describes the privileges for each type of permission.

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If when clicking on a folder in your WebDisk, you receive an error message stating "Document Access Error", you may need to follow the instructions below.

In order to view your folder content properly by clicking on the folder links themselves you must be in the blackboard content system environment. There is currently a bug in the system that appends extra spaces into links when accessed directly from a browser window that is not within the blackboard content system frameset. The workaround is either

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