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Currently, ACCC is running a pilot of the new Wepa printing system, while also maintaining the U-Print printing system.

Students continue to receive the ACCC-provided $15 quota for printing each semester, usable at any of the Wepa or U-Print locations on campus. At all locations, once the quota is exhausted, you can utilize your Dragon Dollar$ account balance.

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Service: Printing

For students who have remaining Ink Funds balance, ACCC worked with ink to have them provide a webpage for directly obtaining refunds, but this solution did not end up being possible. Instead, please email support@ink.me from your UIC email address, requesting a refund. These refunds apply only to value added by the student - remaining promotional credit from the Spring 2018 semester will not be refunded.

Ink Funds balance were not transferred to the Wepa solution. However, the ACCC-provided $15 quota is available on Wepa, as are your Dragon$ funds.

For Summer and Fall 2018 semester, ACCC is piloting a new print solution with Wepa The following locations provide Wepa printing:

  • Richard J. Daley Library (LIB)

    • 9 stations on first floor

    • 4 stations on second floor

    • 2 stations on third floor

    • 2 stations on fourth floor

  • Library of the Health Sciences (LHS)

    • 2 stations on first floor

    • 1 station on second floor

  • Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB)

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Service: Printing

Visit Wepa's support page here to learn how to request a refund.

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