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Through an arrangement with the Office of Classroom Scheduling (OCS), OCS has taken over ACCC computer lab reservation request processing, effective January 1, 2015.  To request reservation of an ACCC computer lab, or to make changes to an existing reservation, please call 312-413-3640 or send an email to, including details of what date(s) you are you requesting, how many attendees there will be for the event/class, whether you need a space on the East or West side of campus, and what the event/class is.  For more details, please see

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Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students


Campus computer labs are available to UIC students, staff, faculty and authorized guests. Several of the labs are available for reservation for instruction or special events. There are many labs that are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. In addition to general use labs, ACCC manages labs with access limited to a certain group, such as residence hall residents or students in a particular college.


Labs are distributed throughout the campus although the vast majority are concentrated on the east campus - see the list of computer lab locations for details, taking special note of which labs are used for instruction. Accessing 24/7 labs in the Benjamin Goldberg Research Center (BGRC) and the Science and Engineering Labs East (SELE) requires building access authorization


Many computer labs can be reserved for instructional use or special events.


Instructors can request software to be installed for instructional use in the computer labs.


A valid UIC netID and password are required to authenticate to computers in the labs. Guest authentication provided for authorized guests using the labs during special events. Access to labs outside of business hours requires building access.


ACCC computer labs are open to all current students, faculty and staff at UIC. Some residence hall labs are open to residents only. Certain labs may be reserved for instructional purposes. 

On weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm academic use of the labs has priority over all other use.

Eating or drinking is not permitted in the computer labs.  We ask that you do not put your drinks next to the computers or on the floor even if they are empty. Keep any food or drinks inside your bag or backpack or enjoy them outside of the ACCC computer labs.  Some labs (BSB B001, SES 201) have special areas intended for this purpose.


There is no charge for this service to UIC students, faculty and staff. Charges apply to printing documents and reserving labs for use by guest affiliates.


Phone 312-413-0003


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