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U-Print is the campus-wide printing system. U-Print is available in ACCC computer labs and in certain department locations. You can also use U-Print to print from your personal computer or mobile device, making it easy to print when you want, and where you want.


  • Documents can be sent to the U-Print system using your personal computer, mobile device, or an ACCC lab computer.
  • U-Print is a print-on-demand system - the job is printed only when you release it from a U-Print station.
  • Privacy is not compromised; you are there to pick the job up when it prints, so job output doesn't collect at the printer.
  • There are many U-Print printer locations in ACCC labs and other colleges. Color printers are located in SCE 401, Library Idea Commons (first floor), Library of Health Sciences, and the C-Stop in Student Center West.
  • Valuable resources (paper and toner) as well as wear-and-tear on the printer are significantly reduced.
  • U-Print is integrated with UIC's Dragon Dollar$ program. Additional funds for printing can be made available online or via a service center.


In order to utilize Dragon Dollar$ funds to cover printing costs in excess of the ACCC-issued quota, a user must have been issued a physical UIC i-card. The Dragon Dollar$ account is created when the i-card is issued and is checked each time a user logs into a U-Print release station. The login attempt will fail if the Dragon Dollar$ account doesn't exist. Be sure to visit the UIC ID Center to obtain the i-card. (ID cards from UIUC and UIS will not suffice; a UIC i-card must be issued.)


A valid UIC netID and Common password are required to use U-Print.


One of the main goals of U-Print is to reduce waste. To support your need to print and to limit waste, we provide a limited amount of printing at no cost to you.

At the beginning of each semester, your U-Print balance is set to a credit of $15.00. If you use up this credit, any additional printing must be paid for with Dragon Dollar$. The semester is defined as the period between the week before classes start until the week before the next semester starts. If there is any remaining balance of the original $15.00 at the end of the semester, it does not get carried over to the next semester.

The charges for printing are as follows:

A page is defined as a printed side and a sheet is defined as a physical piece of paper.

Cost per page Black and white Color
Single-sided (simplex) $0.08 per page $0.80 per page
Double-sided (duplex) $0.03 per page ($0.06 per sheet) $0.30 per page ($0.60 per sheet)

For example:

  • 5 page document printed simplex (5 sheets of paper) will cost $0.40 (5 x $0.08)
  • 5 page document printed duplex (3 sheets of paper) will cost $0.15 (5 x $0.03)


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